Saturday, November 18, 2006

Where I was a week ago...

Ok lovely and loyal blog fans, it's time for the third update in under a month. That having been said I actually wanted to do this one earlier but I was waiting to make sure I could include some pictures with the post.

Any way, last week I hopped aboard a train and headed south to North Carolina to visit my good friends Ryan and Kristen. It was interesting being in NC as a lot of the phisical environment reminded me of Wisconsin and yet it was just off enough to make me feel like I was in another dimention. The ride down was fairly uneventfull. I had some time to write, sleep, and think. Mostly sleep really but it made the ride go faster. I was met at the trainstation by an exuberant Ryan, who I hadn't seen since I crashed his place in Montana in March. There were the typical greating and bsing about the normal things: Sports, girls who've broke our hearts, the Matrix. (little Clerks for ya.) And that was pritty much saturday. We all went to bed in anticipation of our Sunday activities.

Sunday we went to a Ren Fare. While I was in a fairly bad mood at the begining of the day (to the point where I was looking arround me and thinking about how commercial the Fare was) that soon changed as I watched preformances and enjoyed the sights and sounds of people having fun. It's funny how being arround happy people is infectious. We watched nuns sing dirty songs, a man tell the tale of Romeo and Juliet in spoonerisms, and a Joust durring the course of the day. I even sampled some delicious local beers (though I have forgotten their names). The highlight of the evening however is when we were on our way out and decided to catch the final preformance of the "Washer Wenches" on our way out. Now the Washer Wenches are women who stand on a stage washing clothing and singing dirty songs, and the last show of the night is always the filthiest as there are far fiewer families at this point in the day. While we were origionaly going to pass them by we noticed that one of the women was about to fall out of her costume and was displaying nipples at half-mast. So we stoped and grabed a seat and I bet Ryan dinner that she would fall out before the end of the preformance, A bet which I lost thanks to well made costumes... or tape... or maybe magic because she was serioustly just bursting the entire time. While we were watching the preformance they needed a vollentier for a song as "none of them could play the virgin," and low and behold who would they pick but me. Well I wasn't one to not stand up when called upon (a little fib never hurt anyone). Aparently though in their three week run I was the only person to ever get up on stage after being called a vergin, so for the first time that festival they had to preform "Do Virgins taste Better." Of course I hammed it up and had a great time. After that I got reffrenced in several other songs and even after the show was over by people I hadn't even seen watching the show. So here is a picture of that.
That's all for now.

*: as a note this is so late as our internet connection (which we were stealing) was cut off Mid post. thank god it was saved.


Blogger Nicki said...

Andy, spell it with me:


xx Nicki & Chris

3:42 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh my God, hell has frozen over, Andy I can't belive we got another post out of you!!! YEA!!! :)

9:30 PM  
Blogger Reg said...

You know, that standard Ren Faire font in the background is really making me miss work more than I had been before.

Also, because I suck: 414-534-6583

1:28 AM  

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