Thursday, August 20, 2009

New computer New AMV

Here is my latest AMV attempt. The song is "Fireflies" by Owl City and the Anime "Grave of the Fireflies" Fairly obvious, I know, but this is largely an exercise to see how iMovie works and whether or not it will be usable. Honestly I still don't know yet but I would appreciate any constructive feedback.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

48 Hour Film Festival

Some times things are lost in editing... or our terrible writing at 4 in the morning. This was a lot of fun to do though and I may work with the director again.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Video.

Here is the next video, it took me a while to get some inspiration. I guess that's my Update for the next six months.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New hobby

Well for those of you who haven't heard. I have recently started dabbling in AMV (Anime Music Video) editing. It is something that I have thought of before, but it took the encouragement and instruction of a new friend to get me started. So I finished my first video, it's not great technically (I'm still learning exactly what I can and can't do with my computer.) but thematically I think it holds together nicely. Hopefully after this there will be many more to come.

Here it is:

A higher definition version is available at My account is aclau826.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

a brief re-prose

Yesterday I was ill and now I am well. My immune system dances like an exotic Gypsy maiden whose feet step too close to a fire only to spin away before any real damage can be done. Cursing the impending down swing and my week fortitude I stumble from bed searching for a glass to fill with water. The life giving water that will quench the fire or at least give a rest to the tattoo that encourages the maiden's tireless feet. Slowly, civilly, my senses return to me with the grace of a melancholy kitten barely able to lift it's own head from the burlap before it hits the icy water.

Then Absolute clarity. My symbol heavy life suddenly bleeds away with an insurmountable tenacity leaving me alone in my room, cold and naked. I am drenched in the sweat of what must have been an intense dream, though it's contents has now vacated my head. All that remains of me is the physical, and that physical is cold. shuffling towards my closet i drag a warn out terrycloth robe from the tangles of unfinished laundry. Secure within it's flimsy folds I continue to the kitchen where I run the coffee machine, sans the coffee, to get water for tea. Once the tea has steeped and I have calmed my aching bones with a stiff shot of chi I am able to slip back, back to the metaphor. I search for my dreams with the obsessed tenacity of a B-movie buff looking for the rarest of prints. I dig through hours of those unlabeled reals that make up my dreams, and then it strikes me.

I am looking for a complete fragment, when what I need is a fragmented whole. A dream shouldn't look like an uncut dolly-shot. It has clipping and angles and mine was not only conforming to the rule but it was in all fact the rule itself.

(more to come... maybe... maybe I don't yet not sure where it was going just wanted to write.)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


It feels some times like I should just give up my blog. I rarely update and I know it frustrates the hell out of you my friends. But just when I think I've had it with the Internet I feel the need to pontificate on my life and let people know what's going on. I make no promises and I hope for no expectations, but here I am and here it is.

I have started collage again, to be a teacher. Classes started with an exuberant apathy that I Don't believe I have ever seen in a collage town. The weekend before the start of class was herald with silence and a lack of students. Those living in dorms stayed in their territory, afraid of what a journey around the little town might bring. Those who lived off of the campus felt no need to move in until the first day of classes, either driven by a desire to delay the inevitability or a realization that there was simply nothing to do without a concerted effort in this agrarian university town.

Even so classes started off well enough. I was at first intimidated by the education department until I realized that those who were intimidating me seldom knew what was going on and those that I felt comfortable around knew but were ultimately there to help. The English courses I have begun to take have been fascinating and engaging. I have especially fallen in love with a multicultural lit. class that only meets once every week. The discussion during class is engaging and energized; and the list of material we'll be covering is fascinating. I will even have a reason to stop procrastinating and read the graphic novel Mouse. I am going to have to remember to try and take further courses with the professor.

Free time has been at a solitary premium lately. I have been making attempts at gaining friends and have so far managed to make several solid acquaintances. Hopefully the Japanese culture and Anime club I have joined will prove fruitful in this endeavor. The club consists of an hour of presentation on Japanese culture followed by three hours of Anime. I will probably be presenting on Kabuki makeup this semester if I can figure out a time when I will be able to do it and I have a notion to do a talk on Japanese suicide culture next semester after some extensive research.

That is my life right now. I am living in a lonely little apartment on the top floor of a house. I encourage those who know me to call or visit me. I miss your voices and presence as the best company in this little secluded island of shelter is myself and I think I'm starting to creep out the neighbors.

Carpe Canum

P.S. Yes that means "Seize the Dog," No it was not a typo.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So easy a Caveman did it.

Today is a sad day, maybe. It all depends on how you felt about the syndicated comic strip B.C. with it's gentle yet stale comedy. It's creator John Heart is dead. Why does this inspire me to finally update my Blog after several months? Other than the feeling that I have to eventually, I felt this is as good of a time as any to let people know who still actually check my blog know my feelings in this matter and call them to action. Mr. Heart is dead but B.C. is not. His family still plans on using his archived artwork to continue with his comic strip.

I enjoyed B.C. the same way I enjoy a slice of toast with grape jelly. Sure it tastes good, and gives you a bit of sustenance, but over time one grows board of it. Now we have the same piece of toast but it has artificial grape flavored jelly substance on it. Give it up heart family. Charles Schultz didn't keep posthumously publishing Peanuts. Both B.C. and Peanuts were small pieces of my childhood reading. Peanuts is registered as a fond memory, if B.C. continues it will only live as an abomination of a family who doesn't respect the memory of their loved one enough to let go. I encourage anyone who has a local paper that publishes B.C. to write into them and suggest that they let a new comic into their pages. Have them give a chance to some one who may touch our hearts and funny bones like Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, and Garfield did.

Now on to the more personal. I have been struggling with the administration of my new school already. While I believe that I am on the correct course to getting in to collage it feels like I am having to jump through every hoop imaginable to register for classes. But as one of my advisers says "Close enough for Jazz." Everything aside I will be joining the students of UW White Water this next fall and I am happy to do so. the biggest problem so far has been meeting the requirements for admission into the Education department. The weirdest of which is the need to attend a lecture (also available on DVD apparently) before I can get into classes. I'm glad that you have to do some work to become a teacher but damn if it's not a lot of bureaucratic bullshit. The time is slowly ticking down towards my departure from NYC. I have to say that I will miss it. Not my crappy job or my asshole customers, but rather the people who have made me keep my faith in my fellow man, or woman as the case may be. To those of you out there reading this who are my friends from the midwest and otherwise. thank you so much for being friends. Friends and loved ones are what the worlds about. Money would be nice too but I can live without.

Peace and love

RIP John Heart... you were mildly humorous and safe but your time is now past.

List of current web comics fit for syndication:

I can only think of one

Suzie's view (

the classic art style of Sunday paper cartoons with the heart of a little boy and his stuffed tiger.
If you agree send your love and support to the author and local papers.