Saturday, September 22, 2007


It feels some times like I should just give up my blog. I rarely update and I know it frustrates the hell out of you my friends. But just when I think I've had it with the Internet I feel the need to pontificate on my life and let people know what's going on. I make no promises and I hope for no expectations, but here I am and here it is.

I have started collage again, to be a teacher. Classes started with an exuberant apathy that I Don't believe I have ever seen in a collage town. The weekend before the start of class was herald with silence and a lack of students. Those living in dorms stayed in their territory, afraid of what a journey around the little town might bring. Those who lived off of the campus felt no need to move in until the first day of classes, either driven by a desire to delay the inevitability or a realization that there was simply nothing to do without a concerted effort in this agrarian university town.

Even so classes started off well enough. I was at first intimidated by the education department until I realized that those who were intimidating me seldom knew what was going on and those that I felt comfortable around knew but were ultimately there to help. The English courses I have begun to take have been fascinating and engaging. I have especially fallen in love with a multicultural lit. class that only meets once every week. The discussion during class is engaging and energized; and the list of material we'll be covering is fascinating. I will even have a reason to stop procrastinating and read the graphic novel Mouse. I am going to have to remember to try and take further courses with the professor.

Free time has been at a solitary premium lately. I have been making attempts at gaining friends and have so far managed to make several solid acquaintances. Hopefully the Japanese culture and Anime club I have joined will prove fruitful in this endeavor. The club consists of an hour of presentation on Japanese culture followed by three hours of Anime. I will probably be presenting on Kabuki makeup this semester if I can figure out a time when I will be able to do it and I have a notion to do a talk on Japanese suicide culture next semester after some extensive research.

That is my life right now. I am living in a lonely little apartment on the top floor of a house. I encourage those who know me to call or visit me. I miss your voices and presence as the best company in this little secluded island of shelter is myself and I think I'm starting to creep out the neighbors.

Carpe Canum

P.S. Yes that means "Seize the Dog," No it was not a typo.