Friday, November 11, 2005

Hour and a half 12 shells and a bottle of egg nog

Hello again friendly blog reading public, I'm currently killing a good chunk of time before I have to be in to work selling video games to other people. It looks as if big brother is starting to place the blame on the decenters again as our loving president is trying to use scare tactics to bring back the guilt that our nation felt over the treatment of solders durring Nam.

Is it just me or do the words unpatriotic fly arround this country more then birds in migratory season? It just seems like we are quietly moving towards some new disaster that will rally the nation. Recently "Boston Legal" a program on ABC of all places compared the current war in Iraq to the viatnam war only without people being upset about anything that is going on over there. While I feel we can't blaim any of the troups I don't want to see people scared into backing down from their opinions.

Not that any of you would back down, and even if a Macarthy esq witch hunt started I feel safe knowing the people I associate with would rather be ridiculed then give up on their principles.

on a side note I want every one to remember these three simple rules if the zombies ever decide to make a run for top rung of the food chain:

1) In an open space you can be surrounded but in an inclosed space you can be
cornered. best to seek the high-ground as zombies are natoriously bad at climbing.

2) Aim for the head, body shots aren't going to do you a shit lot of good so don't
even waist your time or ammo on them.

3) Don't get greedy, greedy people and people who try to hold on to things other than
what they need to survive make stupid mistakes and end up dead.

That's all for today but always remember the number one rule of survival, a person who is slower then you is an asset as the masses of zombies will have to slow down to chew them up.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One foot shuffling infront of the other

Hello Bloging world this is the first post in my bloging, blog blog blogington blog.

Well now that is over with we can get down to business. This is all part of a promess to keep people up to date with my life without having to actualy make contact. Also It allows me to write something every once in a while.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk arround listening to music you get a lot of weird looks from book store employes? Well I do and I just want to say that book world has another thing comming to them.